Curb Appeal – Part 1

September 12, 2013

We’ve been working on our front yard for several weeks now, and it has finally started to come together! (Note: The front yard was *supposed* to be on next summer’s project list, but when we found ourselves in the middle of another great plant sale, we just couldn’t help ourselves.)

Similar to our backyard, we bought all of our plants at a discount. In fact, everything – the trees, flowers, rose bushes, grass seed and mulch – came out to be less than $150! We were also lucky enough to get some free Hostas from our neighbors, and some ornamental grass and Caladium from my mom that we added to the mix.

As we were out there planting and watering, people passing by would say things like “Thank you for helping make our neighborhood beautiful,” or “It looks great – it’s one of the nicest yards on the block.” It was really encouraging to hear these kind words from strangers, and made us feel like we were helping our community.

Anyway… enough talk.

Here’s what our house looked like when we moved in:

Front Yard - Before

Here’s what it looks like now:

Front Yard 1

Front Yard 5

Front Yard 3     Front Yard 6


IMG_2216And one of the dog… just because.

BaciThe plants make a pretty big difference, right? We still have lots more to do, but we’re really happy we decided to get the ball rolling out here. On the list for the future:

1- Paint the front porch a different color
2- Replace our retaining wall
3- Replace/update our concrete walkway
4- Replace our old siding and change the color of our house

What do you think?Front Yard Before & After

PS – If you want to know more about our front door makeover, click here!

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