Powder Room Pampering

November 14, 2013

After a month hiatus (has it really been a month?), we’re back in action and have started to renovate our tiny powder room on the main level.  I’m sad we didn’t get any complete “before” photos, but believe me when I say it was in need of some (lots of) TLC.  Here’s a taste of what it looked like right after we started ripping things up.

IMG_3123 IMG_3116 IMG_3118   

So, what’s on the to-do list this time?

1. Replace linoleum floor with natural stone tiles. We bought white/ivory travertine tiles at a discount flooring store for $5 per sq/ft.


2. Add a natural stone “brick” accent wall to the mirror wall.  We also bought this at a discount floor/decor store for $6 per sq/ft. and are in love with it.
IMG_3216 IMG_3210 IMG_3215

3. Jazz up our existing mirror so we don’t have to buy a new one.  Bryan used extra wood from our vessel sink base (see #5) to make a two-sided wood frame for the mirror.  We turned the mirror on its side to save $ on tiles.  Perfect fit!


4. Replace the gold vanity lights with DIY pendant lights.  This part is in the works, but here’s a sneak peak.

IMG_3224 IMG_3142 IMG_3141
5. Remove the oh-so-lovely corner sink, and replace it with a DIY vessel sink.  We couldn’t find a vessel sink that we loved, and on top of that, they’re expensive!  So, we’re going to make one out of a bowl.  We haven’t actually started this part yet, but will write a how-to post when it happens.

IMG_3123 IMG_3140

6. Install a big rustic-looking piece of wood as a base for our new sink (see pic in #5).  We purchased dark walnut stain and polyurethane to finish it off, and trimmed it down to fit the space.  Not bad for a free piece of wood!  It was perfect for the rustic/chic look we’re going for.


7. Replace the toilet with a shiny new one.  We needed a super small toilet to fit into this space.  This one was our winner.

8. I think that’s it?

I’m SO excited about this project. It’s going to look fantastic when we’re done!  Here’s what we have so far.

IMG_3123  IMG_3221

We’ll be back soon with updates!

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      1. We had to put it on hold for a few months. Oh life. We’re hoping to finish it in the spring!

    1. Any hints/suggestions on pulling off the mirror makeover? Glue and hanger used? Did you make a track in the wood for the mirror or just glue on top?

      1. Kathy- We made a 1/2 inch slit in each of the 2 pieces of wood with a table saw, and then attached them to the left and right side of the mirror. They fit pretty snug, but we also used mirror mastic to secure it. We didn’t make it removable because the mirror was pretty crappy as it was.

        When the wood/mirror is put up on the wall, the mirror is raised because it sits in the middle of the wood, so we glued the two pieces of wood to the wall and that did the trick. We tiled around it and slightly under it on the top and bottom, which looks pretty cool.

        I hope this helps! We’ll have more info/photos in our next powder room post soon 🙂

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