19 Insanely Cool Pallet Walls

September 16, 2014

Welcome back, friends.

Today I’m taking a break from our dirty new rehab project to put together a collection of one of my favorite things: pallet walls!  Now, not every photo below is made from pallets.  Some are made from other kinds of wood.  Nevertheless, all of them can be made from pallets and are wonderful examples of the beauty you can create with used wood.

We did a pallet accent wall in our master bedroom, and it completely transformed not only the wall, but the entire room.  Best of all, it was free!

Remember, before starting any indoor pallet project, make sure you’re not dealing with ones that are chemically treated.  Choosing ones that have a “HT” stamp on them will let you know they’re heat treated instead of chemically treated.  This article is just one of many that has more info on what to look for when selecting pallets.

Happy brainstorming!


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There are more links to each blogger’s project on my Hometalk board, so head over there if you want to know more details about any of them.  One of these might just make its way into our new house!

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